The Snookermarket and Regency Pro Tips Masters Tour

This is a six-event national tour and the final ranking list will be made up of all six events.
This Event is eligible for International selection. Please see the International Selection Criteria.
Shared with the Masters Championship there will be a £2,000 from the Competition sponsor plus £1,000 from the entry fees into the international players’ fund for international Masters Events
Open to all members who are aged over 40 on 31st December, 2018
Six national ranking events.
2 Day Event:
Day 1 - Round robin groups all matches best of 5 frames
Day 2 – Straight best of 5 KO down to Final best of 7 KO.
Entry Fee (per event)
Adult Members           £40
Non Members             £50
Dependant on entries and as published after closing date.


15 Sep 2018
Event 1 (Corner Pocket Snooker)

27 Oct 2018
Event 2 (Northern Snooker Centre)

17 Nov 2018
Event 3 (Pot Black Club)

19 Jan 2019
Event 4 (Cueball Derby)

30 Mar 2019
Event 5 (Castle Snooker Club)

13 Apr 2019
Event 6 (Corner Pocket Snooker)