English Amateur Tour Event 6

Second in status only to the English Amateur Championship this Competition is designed to attract the best amateurs in the country playing in the best conditions. Players who aspire to achieving Main Tour status will see this as an excellent and affordable opportunity to gain valuable top match-play experience.

The two highest ranked eligible players at the end of the season will be nominated to participate in World Snooker’s English Open Championship (Provided that WPBSA do not change that criteria)

This Competition is eligible for International Selection


EASB Members only, no age restrictions.


Six national ranking events split between the Star Academy Sheffield and the SWSA Gloucester. See the Calendar for all dates and venues.

All matches knockout best of 7 frames throughout. Players receive ranking points from each event. All 6 events count towards the final rankings. Each draw will be random, with no seeding.

Entry Fee

Adult & Junior Members                 £85 per event                         £450 for all 6 events paid before event 1

Restricted to 64 entries

Prizes (estimate based on 64 entries) ** If a reduced entry then the prize fund is reduced proportionally after taking into account Event fixed costs (venue, officials, etc.).

Winner - £1000 + guaranteed entry to World Snooker Q-School 2018

Runner-up - £500

Semi-Finalists - £250

Quarter-finalist - £100

High break - £50

* Officials fees and admin contribution accounts for the balance of the money. For each event a full cost sheet will be published.

*** No cash alternative to Q-School entry will be offered to first time winners. Should a player win a second or further event in this series, he shall be entitled to a payment of £300 in lieu of the Q-School entry and a further £300 will be paid to the international players’ fund.

In addition, 10% of entry fees will be put towards the EASB’s international players’ fund


Date 31 March 2018 Venue South West Snooker Academy
Arrival Time 09:00 Address 1 Edison Close
Start Time 09:15 Address 2 Waterwells Business Park
Duration 2 Day Town Gloucester
Tables Available 8 County Gloucestershire
Tournament Director Stuart Barker Post Code GL2 2FN
Contact 07976954581 Telephone 01452 223214

Please Note

If circumstances mean you need to withdraw from the event, you must contact the Tournament Director (Contact details above). Failure to attend the Event without notification will result in disciplinary procedure and possible exclusion from future Events. As per EASB policy entry fees are non-refundable.

Please aim to arrive at the Event and report to the TD by the 'Arrival Time’ indicated below and report immediately to the TD. Once you have reported in to the TD you must ensure you are available to commence playing as soon as you are called. Failure to acknowledge your call, having reported to the TD or not, will result in the standard match procedures relating to the docking of frames to apply.

Lateness will be penalised as follows: If not present at the notified start time, one frame shall be forfeited. Fifteen minutes after start time, a further frame will be forfeited. Thirty minutes after the start time, the match shall be forfeited. In the case of Billiards, 50 points would be forfeited if a player is not present at the start time, and a further 50 points every 15 minutes until 30 minutes after the start time.

Dress Code and Behaviour

The dress code must be adhered to by all players, and will be stringently applied. Failure to comply with this code will result in expulsion from the Event.

Smart dark trousers, smart shoes, smart polo shirt or shirt with collar. Polo shirts should be kept as plain as possible, those with large logo's or writing or colour variations (other than official EASB polo shirts) may not be accepted. Shirts must be tucked in at all times and mobile devices turned off whilst your match is in progress.

You are competing in a top class Amateur event in the best possible conditions. Many of you will have aspirations of progressing to the top of the game, and we are confident that you will do the Association proud by conducting yourselves in a professional and respectful manner.

Event Format

Best of 7 frame Knockout.

Arrival Times

Please refer to the Draw and Start times as shown on My Snooker Stats.



Please refer to the Draw and Start times as shown on My Snooker Stats.



Prize Fund

EAT-6 Costing & Prize Fund
Income  Qty   Fee         Value 
Entry Fees (Individual)        30  £             85.00        £         2,550.00
Entry Fees (All Events)          6  £             75.00        £            450.00
Sponsorship         -    £                    -          £                      -  
Income Total            £         3,000.00
Expenditure  Qty   Fee  Total Fee Accomm  Travel   Value 
Bank charges *   1.5%        £               45.00
Tournament Directors **          1  £             40.00 £ 40.00 £ 0.00  £     31.25  £               71.25
Referees **          1  £             25.00 £ 25.00 £ 0.00  £     46.50  £               71.50
Venue Hire          1  £          450.00        £            450.00
Q-School Entry ****          1  £       1,000.00        £         1,000.00
Expenditure Total            £         1,637.75
Income Less Expenditure            £         1,362.25
Prize Fund Qty  Target %age   Target Value   TV Per  Actual  Prize Total 
Winner 1 30.00%  £            408.68  £     408.68 £ 410.00 £ 410.00
Runner-up 1 15.00%  £            204.34  £     204.34 £ 205.00 £ 205.00
S/F 2 10.00%  £            136.23  £       68.11 £ 70.00 £ 140.00
Q/F 4 7.50%  £            102.17  £       25.54 £ 25.00 £ 100.00
International Fund 1 10.00%  £            136.23  £     136.23 £ 135.00 £ 135.00
H/B 1 2.50%  £               34.06  £       34.06 £ 35.00 £ 35.00
ACTUAL PRIZE FUND   75.00%  £         1,021.69   75.24% £ 1,025.00
EASB Contribution ***            £            337.25
* Bank Charges are fees we have to pay to process entry payments
** Officials receive expenses for mileage at .25p per mile
** Officials receive accommodation expenses if overnight stays are required
*** This is a contribution to our Finals Weekend and EASB administration costs which are independently examined and published at the AGM. 
**** The winner of each event is entered FOC into Q-School