Masters Championship 2 Day Event

You may be over 40 but you consider yourself a top league player and are looking to challenge yourself further. So take on the most experienced amateurs in the country to see if you can become the Masters Champion of England.

This Competition is eligible for International Selection


All Members aged over 40 on 31st December 2017.

Qualifying Rounds

All qualifying rounds are best of 7 KO.

National Final 

Best of 11 frames taking place at the Finals Weekend.

Dates & Venues

See the Calendar for all dates and venues

Entry Fee

Adult Members       £40        Non Members             £60


Prize money will be paid down to the quarter-finalists, dependent on entries.


Date 10 March 2018 Venue Midlands Snooker Academy
Arrival Time 09:45 Address 1 78 Bridge Street
Start Time 10:00 Address 2
Duration 2 Day Town Walsall
Tables Available 10 County West Midlands
Tournament Director Post Code WS1 1JQ
Contact Telephone 01922 646544

Please Note

If circumstances mean you need to withdraw from the event, you must contact the Tournament Director (Contact details above). Failure to attend the Event without notification will result in disciplinary procedure and possible exclusion from future Events. As per EASB policy entry fees are non-refundable.

Please arrive at the Event and report to the TD by the 'Arrival Time’. As this Event is drawn on the day, any player who is not in attendance, or has not, by the 'Arrival Time', notified the TD by phone, will not be included in the draw. Once you have reported in to the TD you must ensure you are available to commence playing as soon as you are called. Failure to acknowledge your call, having reported to the TD or not, will result in the standard match procedures for lateness to apply.

Lateness will be penalised as follows: If not present when called by the TD, one frame shall be forfeited. Fifteen minutes after start time, a further frame will be forfeited. Thirty minutes after the start time, the match shall be forfeited. In the case of Billiards, 50 points would be forfeited if a player is not present at the start time, and a further 50 points every 15 minutes until 30 minutes after the start time.

Dress Code and Behaviour

The dress code must be adhered to by all players, and will be stringently applied. Failure to comply with this code will result in expulsion from the Event.

Smart dark trousers, smart shoes, smart polo shirt or shirt with collar. Polo shirts should be kept as plain as possible, those with large logo's or writing or colour variations (other than official EASB polo shirts) may not be accepted. Shirts must be tucked in at all times and mobile devices turned off whilst your match is in progress.

You are competing in a top class Amateur event in the best possible conditions. Many of you will have aspirations of progressing to the top of the game, and we are confident that you will do the Association proud by conducting yourselves in a professional and respectful manner.

Event Format

Best of 7 frame Knockout.

Arrival Times



Prize Fund