EBSA 2018 European Championships, Romania - Referees Required


A total of 26 international referees will be invited to the Championships and they will receive sharing accommodation on a bed and breakfast basis with one additional meal being provided throughout the day.

Referees arriving before 17th June will be required to pay for any accommodation and referees wishing to have single occupancy will be required to pay the full cost of a single room for the duration of their stay.

Referees travelling to Romania will receive an allowance of €300 to help them with their travel costs.


If you would like to be nominated please email me as soon as possible but at the very latest before 20th April at r.spencer@easb.co.uk with a formal request to be considered for nomination.

Preference will be given to referees who have worked at EASB events during the current season and have not previously worked at international events.
Please note: You must be available to referee for the duration of the tournament and have membership that includes the international option.
Calendar of events
18th June: Start of 6 Reds Championship at 09:30
22nd June: Start of Shoot-Out at 09:30
22nd June: Players & Meetings (18:30) and Official Opening Ceremony (20:00)
23rd June: Start of Team Championships (Ladies, Masters, Men) at 09:30
23rd June: Start of Individual Championships (Masters and Ladies) at 16:00
27th June: EBSA Annual General Meeting at Mirage Hotel at 19:00
28th June: Semi-Finals and Finals of Individual (Masters and Ladies) Championships
29th June: Semi-Finals and Finals of the Team Championships and Closing Ceremony