EBSA Championships

Dear Referees


On behalf of the EASB Board, the (EBSA) Board of Directors and the Albanian Snooker Federation,  I have pleasure in inviting you to put your name forward to officiate in the 2017 European Snooker Championships in Albania.


EUROPEAN SNOOKER CHAMPIONSHIPS  includes 6 Reds Championships, European Open,  Team Championships (Ladies, Masters & Men)  and Individual Championships (Masters & Ladies)

31 May – 11 June 2017, Shengjin, ALBANIA


A total of 34 international referees will be invited to the Championships.  Referees will receive sharing accommodation on a bed and breakfast with one additional meal being provided throughout the day.  Referees arriving before 30th May will be required to pay for any accommodation.  Any referees wishing to have single occupancy will be required to pay the full cost of a single room for the duration of their stay.  Referees travelling to Albania will receive an allowance (€200) to help them with their travel costs. Referees must be members of the EBSA and will be confirmed by the EBSA Board.


Please advise me of your interest by email (s.starkie@easb.co.uk) no later than Saturday 29nd April 2017.

All international applications from English Referees for  international opportunities require approval from the Director of Referees so please ensure you copy your application email to r.spencer@easb.co.uk