How to become a referee

First thing to do is contact your local examiner. The list below provides the details of all current EASB snooker examiners.


Once you have identified your nearest examiner please email and request your email is forwarded to them.


Before you contact your local examiner purchase a rule book and familiarise yourself with the rules.


Once you have made contact with your local examiner he will arrange for you to attend a seminar. You may need to attend a number of seminars prior to taking an examination. The cost of the seminar is subject to local agreement with the examiner.


Once the examiner is satisfied that your knowledge of the rules is sufficient and you are confident of your level of knowledge a Snooker Referee Class 3 examination can be arranged. The examination is standardised and is purely knowledge of the rules.


If you pass the Snooker Referee Class 3 examination you can then register as a Class 3 referee with the EASB. You will then be referred to your local tutor who will advise you regarding your future personal development as a referee.


To progress as a referee you must attend at national EASB events where you will be assessed by one of the current EASB assessors. They will monitor your development and provide guidance should you wish to progress further.


Rob Spencer                           Director of Referees/Assessor           North West - Manchester

Brendan Moore                       Chief Examiner/Assessor                   Yorkshire - Sheffield

Glen Sullivan-Bissett               Examiner/Assessor                             East - Reading


Peter Bennett                          Examiner                                            North West - Oldham

Colin Humphries                     Examiner                                            North West - Liverpool

Steve Starkie                          Examiner                                            North West - Manchester

Charlie Donaghy                     Examiner                                            North East - Newcastle

John Rhodes                           Examiner                                            North East - Newcastle

Paul Bannister                         Examiner                                            Yorkshire - Sheffield

Derek Budde                           Examiner                                            South East - Brighton

Rob Wright                              Examiner                                            Midlands - Birmingham

Jeff Fox                                   Examiner                                            South West - Plymouth

Clive Brown                            Examiner                                            South West - Taunton

Vic Hartley                              Examiner                                            South - Oxford