How to Become a Referee

To begin your journey you will need to contact the EASB. You can email them by clicking this link I would like to become a referee and request that your email is forwarded to your regional examiner. Your regional examiner will contact you and arrange a seminar.

Before you go to the seminar, you will need to buy the current rule book to read and familiarise yourself with the rules.

You will need to attend two seminars. During the first seminar the examiner will go through the rulebook with you word for word, explaining certain key words and sentences so you fully understand their meaning.

A week later you will attend seminar two, where the examiner explains the rules at a snooker table in greater depth.

Once you have completed both seminars, you will be ready to take your Class 3 examination.

Your examiner will advise you of the time, date and location for your Class 3 examination. In England this is a standardised exam. It covers all aspects of the rule book. The examiner will ask questions which will be both verbal and scenario based. The scenarios will be demonstrated at the table.

At the end of the exam you will be notified immediately if you have passed. If you have failed you will be given feedback and will be able to retake the exam at a later date. If you have passed, congratulations!

You have now passed your Class 3 exam and have proved that you have a sufficient knowledge of the rules to referee. Your examiner will register you online with the NGB and will provide details of the local referee association. Your examiner will provide advice and ongoing mentoring.

You now need to learn how to referee at the table. The only way to do this is to gain experience. There are a number of ways to do this, most people begin with local league matches. At these your local tutor and assessor can monitor your performance and provide coaching. 

Once you feel more confident you can register your interest to referee for the NGB who can provide opportunities at national tournaments which vary from junior level to the top amateurs in the country. Whilst at these tournaments you may be assessed by the NGB assessors who will provide advice and coaching.