How to enter competitions


Already Registered?

If you registered with the EASB last season then you can use the same login and password this season. If you forgot your password or cannot log in, use the ‘forgot password’ link to reset.

New to the EASB?

From the EASB Member Zone Click on the ‘Register’ link and complete your details. Once registered you can log in.

Get Your Membership

You will need to purchase or renew your Membership. Click on your name and then click on ‘Get your membership’ 

Click on the basket next to the type of Membership you want. Complete the purchase through PayPal, you can use your credit or debit card as well, read the instructions on the PayPal welcome screen. 

Enter Competitions

Once you receive your Membership payment confirmation you can then enter competitions. Login, click on your name and then click on ‘Buy Event’. Purchase Events as you did for the Membership.

Purchase of Membership and entry to Events is deemed as acceptance of our Terms and Conditions

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EASB Membership and Events Season 2017/18 Membership: Junior Ladies Adult Free Member
Cost:  £        20.00  £     20.00  £         40.00 £0.00
Competition Age Criteria:  (Under-18) Open Age 18 and Over Open Age Note
English Amateur Tour Open Age  £        85.00  n/a   £         85.00  n/a  Pay all 6 before Event 1 for £450 (£75 each)
Masters Tour 40 and Over  n/a   n/a   £         40.00  n/a   
Premier Junior Tour Invitation Only  £        40.00  n/a   £         40.00  n/a   
Regional Junior Tour Under 20  £        20.00  £     20.00  £         20.00  n/a   
English Amateur Championship Open Age  £        40.00  n/a   £         30.00  £            50.00 Enter any one region
Masters Championship 40 and Over  n/a   n/a   £         40.00  £            60.00  
Under-14 Championship Under 14  £        15.00  £     15.00  n/a   £            25.00 Enter any one region
Under-16 Championship Under 16  £        20.00  £     20.00  n/a   £            30.00 Enter any one region
Under-18 Championship Under 18  £        20.00  £     20.00  n/a   £            30.00 Enter any one region
Under-21 Championship Under 21  £        30.00  £     30.00  n/a   £            40.00 Enter any one region, Ladies membership valid if under 18
Over-55 Championship Over 55  n/a   n/a   £         20.00  £            30.00 Enter any one region
6 Reds Championship Open Age  £        20.00  n/a   £         20.00  £            30.00 Enter any one region
EASB Festival of Snooker Open Age  TBA   n/a   TBA   TBA   
National Billiards Championship Open Age  TBA   n/a   TBA   TBA   
Junior Billiards Tour Under 21  TBA   TBA   n/a   n/a   
Under-16 Billiards Under 16  TBA   TBA   n/a   n/a   
Under-21 Billiards Under 21  TBA   TBA   n/a   n/a  Ladies membership valid if under 18
  *** n/a means that the competition is not available to enter for that membership
  *** Free membership is not valid for entry to World Snooker events