Bradford’s Simon Bedford is on course for a cash bonus at the end of the season, providing no one tops his target break of 140.


The former professional, who reached the Last 16 of the World Professional Championship in 1998, knocked in the superb break during a 4-3 last 16 win against Dronfield’s Oliver Brown during the English Amateur Tour 4 event at the Star Snooker Academy in Sheffield last weekend.


This season, the EASB introduced a new Rolling High Break Prize, which started with an amount of £147, and increases by £20 at each EASB event. The full amount will be won instantly should any player make a maximum 147 (or 155) break at any EASB event, however, if this does not happen, then the highest recorded break of the season will earn the successful break maker 50% of the total pot, with the rest starting off the fund for the following season.


Currently, there is £687 in the fund, and this should rise to around £900 by the end of the season, meaning somewhere in the region of £450 for Simon if his break stands.