2018 Finals Weekend

The 2018 Finals Weekend will be at the South West Snooker Academy in Gloucester on Saturday/Sunday 9th-10th June

The schedule of events is as follows -


SATURDAY – 11:00am

English Amateur Northern Section (Session 1, Frames 1-7)

Farakh Ajaib vs Joe O'Connor


English Amateur Southern Section (Session 1, Frames 1-7)

Andrew Norman vs Jamie O'Neill


English Under 16s (Best of 11)

Ryan Davies vs Bradley Cowdroy


English Over 55's (Best of 9)

Bill Cornish vs Steve Whalley


SATURDAY - 4:00pm

English Amateur Northern Section (Session 2, Frames 8-15)


English Amateur Southern Section (Session 2, Frames 8-15)


English Under 14's (Best of 9)

Paul Deaville vs Ronnie Sullivan


English Under 16 Billiards (2 hours duration)

Ryan Davies vs Jack Tindall


SUNDAY - 11:00am

English Amateur Championship Final (Session 1, Frames 1-9)


English Under 21's (Session 1, Frames 1-7)

Louis Heathcote vs Callum Costello


English Masters Championship (Best of 11)

Shaun Wilkes vs Wayne Brown


English Under 18's (Best of 11)

Ryan Davies vs Riley Parsons


SUNDAY - 4:00pm

English Amateur Championship (Session 2, Frames 10-19)


English Under 21's (Session 2, Frames 8-15)


English 6 Red's (Best of 15)

Paul Metcalf vs Brandon Sargeant


English Under 21 Billiards (2 hours duration)

Ryan Davies vs Hugo Tomas


Spectators are more than welcome and following each final, a presentation of prizes will take place in the

lounge area.

More details of the weekend to follow