Rolling Maximum Break Prize

Following on from Ashley Carty's maximum 147 break made in an English Amateur Tour event last season, the EASB are very pleased to be able to announce that from the 2018/19 season, a Rolling Maximum Break Prize will be introduced.

The starting pot will be £147, and for every 15 red event played next season, £20 will be added to a rolling pot which will continue to accumulate.

If a maximum break is made at any EASB event, then the value of the pot would be won by the player who made it, and the pot would re-start at £147.

A maximum break will be counted as a 147 or a 155 only, and maximums made during the 6 red Championship (75 break) would not be counted for this prize. In addition, money will not be taken from this event towards the fund.

If no player makes a maximum break during the season, then following the final event of the season, 50% of the pot would be paid out to the player/players with the highest recorded break made in any EASB event over the course of the season. The remaining 50% would then be used to start the pot for the following season.

As a gesture of goodwill, and as a congratulations, we have also decided that a bonus payment of £147 will be made to Ashley Carty for the maximum break that he made during the past season.

EASB Directors