The New Calendar

The new EASB calendar is now out with a more streamlined look and feel about it.

There are events covering all age ranges with 4 'Tours' and 8 'Championships' including of course the flagship event, The English Amateur Championship.


As well as being prestigious tournaments in their own right, the EASB events are also used as qualifying events for international selection for events such as the Home Internationals.


The EASB are obviously very keen to do everything possible to help grow the game in England. The Regional Junior Tour, Premier Junior Tour and the Under 14, 16, 18 and 21 Championships give opportunities for all, from those just starting out to those that are hoping to make a career out of snooker.


Then of course there is the Masters Tour, Masters Championship and the Over 55 Championship for those that are just that little bit older but can still find their way around a snooker table!


Watch this space for announcements of other, one-off events later in the season.


Also soon to be announced will be more opportunities to be involved with the running and growing of the EASB itself.