Reports from the Regional Junior Tour 2017/18

Current Rankings: North, Midlands, South

Event 3

Revenge and Rivalry Simmering on Regional Junior Tour 

Last weekend saw the return of the EASB Regional Junior Tours in the North, Midlands and South – with the third legs - and revenge and rivalry were simmering to a nice boil in all three.

Once again, the standard was good considering the tables were tough, but Adam Morrey came through a tense final seeing off Joe Fenton in the North event in Halifax 2 - 0.

Fenton had not dropped a frame until the final and possibly could have done better had he not been rushing, eager to set off to another league match in Yorkshire.

There was consistency from Brandon Hall throughout, and a modest high break of 73 from him.

Down in the Midlands, at the Golden Cue in Bilston, Ryan Roberts pulled victory from almost defeat in an incredibly tense final against fellow Northampton player Harley Allen 2 – 1.

There has been developing a tense rivalry between winner Roberts, who returns to the top of the rankings, and Adam Goff, who secured a high break of 46 in the event in which they are looking to continue in the fourth instalment of the Midlands tour in Kingswinford just before Christmas on the 17th December.

Pop down and see some good old-fashioned snooker rivalry.

Down in the South, it was sweet victory for Havant teenager Jamie Wilson with his maiden RJT win.

The 14-year-old talented potter sunk 11-year-old Oliver Sykes  2 – 1 at Chandlers Ford Snooker club.

Wilson had knocked out a former RJT winner Bradley Cowdroy, but it was Clenshaw who had the highest break of the tournament with an incredible 104 – despite being knocked out by runner-up Sykes. 

He’d been a semi-finalist on the RJT E1 the now maiden winner Wilson. 

Results Sheets: North, Midlands, South


Event 2

Whelan Scoops Double on Regional Junior Tour

England's Patrick Whelan has made it a double so far on the EASB Regional Junior Tour.

The 19-year-old defeated Brandon Hall in the final 2 - 0 to claim the £115 first prize at Oldham Snooker Academy after also scooping Event One in Leeds where he scooped £150.

There was also a £15 high break prize which Whelan took as well with an impressive 92, to total his winnings to £130 for Event Two and secure top spot on the leader board. 

In the RJT Midlands event in Derby at the Cueball, Adam Goff picked up £50 beating Halim Hussain in the final 2 - 1, with Harry Farrell racking a 38 break to win £10.

Down south, however, Bradley Cowdroy went one better than the last time in Event One in Waterlooville and scooped first prize in Newbury. 

He pocketed £75 for winning 2 - 0 with breaks of 35 and 57 - beating Oliver Sykes down at the Crucible Sports and Social Club. 

Alex Clenshaw managed to win a tenner with a great 82.

Clenshaw just fell short, (a quarter-finalist), outside the top four for the semi-finals in the event - despite his high scoring.

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Event 1

England’s Patrick Whelan claimed the first Regional Junior Tour event in the north last weekend in Leeds.

Whelan, from Rotherham, defeated Kaif Shazad in the final at the Northern Snooker Centre and claimed the £150 first prize.

Brandon Hall made a high break of 62, and claimed £10.

Down south in another RJT event in Hampshire at the Waterlooville Sports Bar, Alex Clenshaw claimed a £75 prize beating Bournemouth’s Bradley Cowdroy who picked up £35 for runner-up.

Bristol’s Aidan Murphy potted a 63 and claimed a tenner for the high break in the tournament.

Results Sheets: North, Midlands, South