Reports from The VIA Creative Masters Tour 2017/18

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Event 2 -

Owens Pots Re-scheduled Masters Event 2

Aidan Owens claimed the EASB ViaCreative Masters Event Two over the weekend.
It had to be rescheduled which meant Brown scooped twice on Event One and Three, but it was Pot Black Snooker Club co-owner Owens who came good this time against Matthew Ford at the Castle Snooker Club down in Brighton.
Owens, who was involved in the World Seniors tour as a qualifier last season and played 7 times World Champion Stephen Hendry in Scunthorpe, managed to pocket £265 defeating Ford 4 - 3.
Owens can also be viewed racking a 126 clearance in Lowestoft on Youtube against the one and only Ronnie O’Sullivan in an exhibition.
Ironically, Two-time Masters winner Wayne Brown racked the highest break of Event Two with a 93.

Chris Hart beat Stephen Broadhead in the Plate 2 – 1.
Hart was runner-up in the Plate in Event One.

They’re off to Pot Black Clacton-on-Sea in Jan next year for Event Four.

Event 3 -

WAYNE BROWN has scooped his second win on the EASB VIA Creative Masters Tour over the weekend in Event Three.

That makes it two out of two wins now for players Brown, 48, Joe O’Connor, 21, and Brandon Sargeant, 20, over the three main EASB Tour events which include the English Amateur Tour and the Premier Junior Tour.

Brown defeated the Snooker Legends UK and World Seniors qualifier Jonathan Bagley in what was a high-quality match by both up in Leeds 4 – 2, at the Northern Snooker Centre.

He also racked the highest break of the event with an incredible 134, as well as a 121, which came in the final. He went three up in the final before Bagley hit back with two but then Brown held his nerve with a tremendous 121 to seal the match.

The Plate saw Paul Lloyd victorious over Richard Emery 2 – 1 with Emery taking the highest break – a modest 60.

Incidentally, Event Two of the Masters had to be re-scheduled for the 11/12 November, next weekend, and will be played at the Castle Club down in Brighton. 

 Event 1 - 

Brown claims first EASB VIA Creative Masters event

WAYNE BROWN has claimed the first VIA Creative Masters of the EASB season in Walsall.

Brown, 48, defeated Martin Finnigan 4 – 1 in the final at the Midlands Snooker Academy.

He came close to racking the high break during the event of 81 but it was Stuart Watson with a 95 who claimed that honour.