WLBS and English Ladies Events

The following is a request received from Sharon Kaur regarding referees required for the various events

The list of events can be seen here


We require a TD and two refs for all events, 2 day events 2 refs each day and a TD, 1 day event 2 refs and 1 TD.

The closing date for each event is a minimum 2 weeks when we would forward the numbers for the format to be devised.

We wish to have refs and TDs that live local enough that costs are reduced for them as well as us.

Our payment to refs and the TD would be:

TD £40 per day and 25p mileage upto 50 miles
Refs £25 per day and 25p mileage upto 50 miles

Money would be paid directly into their bank accounts within 3-5 working days after the event has finished.

Singapore - no need to find refs or a TD for that lol...